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We work for you to feel GOOD! Training in group or individually, we assure a continuous search for your maintenance of a healthy life.

Group Training

Group Training is the best encouragement for the practice of physical activity.

*Minimum of 4 participants.



Yogalates is a mix between Yoga and Pilates. On the Pilates side, you get all the pain relief basis, and on the Yoga side, you get the relaxation and flexibility improvement.

Duration: 60’ – Price: 5€ / lesson.


Pilates promotes Posture and overall wellness improvement. It trains quality of movement and offers you an excellent support base for your daily life.

Duration: 45’ – Price: 5€ / lesson.


Aerobic is the eldest fitness class. Created by the emblematic Jane Fonda, it associates movement to the music Beat, and offers you a true coordination and cardio improvement, as well as a high level of fun.

Duration: 45’ – Price: 5€ / lesson.

Personal Training

Personal Training is created and guided specifically for you. It is made an initial evaluation and goal definition so that we can immediately start preparing each training session individually.

Small Group Training

For a maximum of 4 people. We try to uniform the group, setting a common goal, and train according to each person’s limits. We adapt each training individually.

Duration: 60’ – Price: 50€ / session.

Individual Sessions

The practical experience of the trainer, alongside his technical knowledge, assure that you will always be well guided, and working towards your goals without compromising good posture or exceeding your maximum capability.

Duration: 60’ – Price: 30€ / session.

Session packs

Choose the number of trainings you would like to do, get a quantity discount, and schedule your trainings monthly. Examples: 5 trainings pack; 10 trainings pack.

Duration: 60’ – Price: from 20€ / session.


An escapade has the potential to become a true moment of empowerment and self-discovery. Alongside our partners, we create themed retreats to withdraw you from reality.

Perspective Retreat

Until this moment, you live your life a certain way. In this retreat we question your life perspective and help you see life in a different way. Whether it is in a Weight Loss perspective, a lifestyle change, or a Stress liberation, you can count on us!

Price on request.

Spiritual Retreat

We create spiritual retreats of communion with Nature, meditation, self-discovery, and relaxation.

Price on request.

Pilates Retreat

Pilates is a class of body awareness and mastery. We provide an intensive experience around this training method so that you become master of your own body and live a full life, painless, with quality.

Price on request.



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