Rota do Trabalhador

Rota do Trabalhador

In the past Saturday, 1st of May, Rota do Trabalhador happened in Vale da Senhora da Póvoa village. 1st of May is a National Holliday that celebrates the labourer’s day.

This was a story telling event from the local population, who told their past work experience, as well as the way in wich work was lived, at the time.

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We began in the community oven of the village, where we did an initial briefing and introduced the theme of the labourer’s day, teaching the reality of past days and the lookalike of Opa mountain, on the background.

Next, we walked by the village towards Joaquim Diamantino, one of the rare owners of a donkey, who still makes some agriculture with it. He passed us his experience, taught us about the animal utilities of the past, how was working with them and even let us get on top of the carriage, as well as spoil Chico (the donkey) with carrots that got him quite happy.

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Met that is the reality of past agriculture life, we visit on a distance the ruins of an old important oil press, so that we’re immediately taken to the press of the late Mr. Vaz. Despite the beggining of renewal work, Mrs. Maria do Rosário grants us a small guided tour to get us knowing an oil press operation, which still works quite a traditional way.

By this point we already know a lot about the rural life of a village where there’s currently almost no jobs provided, yet we go towards Mrs. Saudade, 89 years old, who passes us the testimonial of a life of customer service, since 9 years old. Owner of several commercial establishments throughout her life, it’s next to her final shop that she tells us what she sold, how she sold and bought, as well as several gems that someone who served a community during a lifetime has to share. We’re smiling already!

To compare the past life – wich fills our imaginaton – to modern days, we go to Churrasquinho do Vale to meet the only establishment open nowadays and ear Tó Pires, as well as to drink a coffee. If it wasn’t for the promised snack, there would be orders for the daily dishes!

The testimonials are finished, but our Rota do Trabalhador is still middle way. We go through the village towards the lovers fountain, where Marta expects us with the souvenirs that the first Beir’Aja group deserved. Those are bags with the lunch content, that must be carried to the top of Opa mountain. Worker’s Life!

The way up is steep and takes some time, but is proudly overcomed by everyone, who deserve in the old Dr. Jaime Lopes Dias’s mine a refreshing water goal. There, they restart giving wings to their imagination, thanks to the depth of the tunnel where once wolfram was extracted. 

Known that is the mine and with a new glimpse of the panoramic views of the mountain, the following metes are walked towards the geodetic landmark, that offers a clear 360º panoramic view, to better taste the content of the bags.

We taste quarters bread and bica from Terreiro das Bruxas’s bakery, mixed and sheep cheese from Benquerença’s cheese factory, as well as chouriço and salpicão from Alves’s charcuterie, in Sabugal. To add sweeteness we have SerraMel rosemary honey and varied jams from Beirabaga. All accompanied by red Quinta dos Termos wine, from 2017. We can literally say that we ate and drank while watching where the products came from!

Next was a group picture, the way down and a happy farewell, with vows of return on a future chance.

Beir’Aja says goodbye, introducing right away the next group event, on the 22nd May: Trekking around Barragem do Meimão

Details for this trekking, as well as for booking, can be found by clicking in the button below.

Bem haja, and…

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